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Air Conditioning Bolton Applications 




Ducted systems are usually installed in ceiling voids.

The systems are invisible apart from the ceiling grilles and are popular with interior designers for this reason. In suspended ceilings, the grilles can easily be re-sited when room layouts are changed.

Ducted systems can easily have heat recovery ventilation systems integrated so that they provide balanced fresh air & extract ventilation whilst minimizing energy waste.


In areas where no ceiling void exists, spiral or flat oval air distribution ductwork can be used to create a visually striking central feature.


Heat Pump Technology

All the systems shown use air to air heat pump technology.  Whilst they cool the air in warm weather, they can also be reversed in cold weather so that they provide heating instead of cooling.  They work by ‘cooling’ the outside air and the heat removed is then upgraded and transferred to the building as useful heat.  These systems are capable of extracting heat from the outside air down to temperatures as low as -15oC.

This is a very energy efficient method of heating.  For every 1 KiloWatt of power consumed, they deliver between 3 and 5 KiloWatts of useful heat to the occupied space.




The energy savings (reduction in carbon emissions) can often be used to justify an interest free loan from £3,000 to £100,000 from the carbon trust.  

Virtually all the systems offered by Ensol Ltd are listed on the government’s Energy Technology List. Most products offered by Ensol are listed on the Government’s Energy Technology List.  Products listed qualify for enhanced capital allowance and this enables the end-user to receive an enhance capital allowance. This is usually equivalent to a 100% write down of the cost of the supply and installation value against corporation tax in year 1.

 The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change

Ensol Ltd are registered members of REFCOM No 1003323.


All Ensol In-House Engineers are fully trained to handle refrigerants under the F-Gas regulations.

Some regional areas we have successfully installed air conditioning solutions for our customers.

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