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To comply with industry guidelines, pharmaceuticals products must be stored at temperatures not exceeding 25oC.   When pharmaceutical manufacturer, Universal Products Lytham (UPL) were looking to upgrade their Finished Goods Storage Warehouse, faced with outside temperatures frequently exceeding 25oC during warm weather,  UPL engineers recognised that ventilation alone simply would not work.  
Being committed to reducing their carbon emissions, UPL asked ENSOL to carry out a free survey to determine the most cost effective solution in terms of capital and running costs.  

Calculations determined that the combination of heatgains from internal equipment and solar transmission via the building fabric equated to a total cooling load of over 120KW. A Direct Expansion (DX) refrigerant based system would consume around 40KW of power in peak conditions.  The running costs imposed during the 24 hour, 7 day operation were considered excessive and in any event, the extra power supply required was simply not available.  
An innovative solution was called for.  

ENSOL installed three evaporative cooling systems ducted via the roof. These systems are capable of cooling the incoming air on hot days by up to 10 degrees C using only water.  The incoming air is passed over wetted pads integral to the coolers. As the humidity of the air increases, the temperature falls.  The wetted pads also filter the entering air by design.

The warm air collecting under the roof is removed by three Ensol LS Roof Extract Units. These also ensure that there is minimal increase in the internal humidity levels.  A central control panel ensures consistent temperatures are maintained regardless of outside weather conditions.
The whole system uses less than 8KW of power and Savings in electricity costs of over £5,000 per annum (35 tonnes of Carbon) were predicted when compared with DX cooling.

Following the resounding success of the installation, the system has been extended to serve the Raw Materials Warehouse.

Evporative Cooling Internal Unit for Universal Proucts




Evporative Cooling External Unit for Universal Proucts



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