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Low Velocity De Stratification Fans Recirculate Warm Air which Is otherwise Wasted In The Roof Space.

  • •    De-stratification fan systems ensure warm air is recirculated back to low level where it's needed - thereby reducing heatloss through the roof fabric.
  • •    Energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved by re-using heat that is wasted in the roof space.
  • •    The open bladed low velocity fans typically use only 75 watts of power (each), but move a massive amount of air at low speed - hence they increase the working level temperature without causing undue draughts.
  • •    They are fitted as standard with variable speed controls - can be operated at high speed in summer to provide cooling.
  • •    In recognition of the reduction in carbon emissions achieved, installations can in many instances qualify for a low interest rate loan from The Carbon Trust (for qualifying companies – click for full details).