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All occupied buildings need ventilation to dilute contaminants.  The requirement for ventilation in UK buildings is necessary to comply with  Building Regulations, Approved Document F.

Providing ventilation during cold weather can be expensive.  Uncontrolled natural ventilation for example can result in substantial heat loss and high fuels bills.

Balanced heat recovery ventilation is an ideal way of simultaneously extracting contaminated air and delivering balancing fresh air supplies without incurring excessive heat loss.




Systems of this type incorporate high efficiency heat exchangers which recover heat from the extracted airflow in c old weather and use it to preheat the fresh air entering the building.  Efficiencies of up to 80% can be achieved using these types of systems.


During warm weather, the heat exchanger can be by-passed to enable cool air to be introduced to lower internal temperatures.


In buildings with air conditioning or comfort cooling, the systems save energy in the summer months by recovering “coolth” from the extracted air and pre-cooling the entering fresh air to reduce the cooling load.



A ducted ventilation system with heat recovery is used to provide ventilation in this school examination hall.

Heat recovery ventilation systems provide balanced fresh air and extract ventilation to these squash courts.