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Energy Efficient Cooling & Heating Solutions

The Need for Cooling
Conditions in modern buildings often become stuffy and uncomfortable in warm weather.
Heat gains from internal equipment such as computers, electrical equipment and lighting etc especially when combined with solar heat gains raises the internal temperature causing discomfort to occupants and equipment to malfunction.

The Solutions
Ensol offer a FREE survey of your premises to identify the best practical and most cost effective solution to your problem. We provide full design, supply, installation and maintenance solutions for Offices, Server and Communication Rooms, Laboratories and testing facilities, Universities, Councils, Schools and Colleges, Retail outlets, Dental and Medical Centres, Restaurants, Clubs and Cafés.

Energy Saving Heat Pump Technology
All the systems shown use air to air heat pump technology. Whilst they cool the air in warm weather, they can also be reversed in cold weather so that they provide heating instead of cooling.

They work by ‘cooling’ the outside air and the heat removed is then upgraded and transferred to the building as useful heat. These systems are capable of extracting heat from the outside air down to temperatures as low as -15oC.

This is a very energy efficient method of heating. For every 1 KiloWatt of power consumed, they deliver between 3 and 5 KiloWatts of useful heat to the occupied space.

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