Case Studies

Following an expansion of production facilities, workers had been experiencing uncomfortable working conditions due to excess heat caused by the blown film extruders. Although Aintree Plastics already had a ventilation system in place which helped to alleviate the problem, conditions were still unpleasant for personnel working near to the machinery. The company’s products are used extensively in the food industry and due to strict hygiene rules, doors and windows cannot simply be opened as this could allow the entry of insects and other contaminants.
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Cardinal Newman College in Preston City Centre is well established as one of leading sixth form colleges in the UK.
Up to 110 students occupy the Café during peak periods. This often led to an overheated and stuffy environment despite a high number of opening windows affording natural ventilation.
The college was keen to find a solution which would be effective but would not significantly increase their carbon footprint. Having recognised that ventilation alone simply did not work ENSOL were asked to carry out a free survey to determine the most cost effective solution in terms of capital and running costs.
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The two main Switch Rooms for this tissue mill were located on two floors and housed a large number of variable speed inverter drives. These were cooled using a ducted air handling system with a Direct Expansion (DX) Cooling System consuming around 15KW of power. As the amount of switchgear had increased, this system became unable to control the internal temperature in warmer weather. In looking for a solution to their increased cooling needs, Kimberly-Clark were also keen to reduce their carbon footprint. Ventilation alone would be incapable of maintaining a required maximum temperature of 25oC.
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